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Rubia woke up with a "What?" She had begun to look around and saw she was in some kind of forest and she was locked in some kind of cage as she struggled to break the bars. The timeline Neko girl felt her fluffy blonde tail with an adorable black tip wave around as she tried to hide it as her cat ears flopped down to blend in with her blonde hair only for her to hear a "Trying to escape my little kitten?" Rubia looked up to a woman with skin made of darkness that appears to be her late 30s as she has long snow white hair and black eyes. "Well we can't do that after all, little kitty, your mane has yet to be fixed." She said as she held up some kind of razor and scissors as Rubia instantly knew where this went and didn't like it, not one bit.

"Who… no, WHAT are you!?" Rubia shouted back in horror. The woman only smiled as she said "I'm Lilith, and I sense great magic in you and your tresses." Rubia had a sweat as Lilith began to walk in the cage as Rubia tried to run past her only for a yank on the hair to stop her as Lilith began to cut her hair, followed by shaving till Rubia was bald, she even shaved her ears and tail. Rubia let out a scream of pain and cry of horror. She then looked at the broken down Rubia and said "I would take your tail and ears, but your lucky I'm in a good mood with your vast mane of magical superiority to any other magic I've found before, so you get to keep them. Now then off with you furless feline. "

When she took her outside the forest as she put Rubia's Hair in her own snowy mane as she started to appear younger, like she was in her late 10s or early 20s. She walked back into the forest as Rubia ran free as she looked both ways to make sure Lilith wasn't returning as she felt her shaved areas tingle as her hair slowly returned to it's ridiculously long normal length on her head, ears, and tail. She then had a sigh of relief and wiped the waterworks she had to shed so she didn't get suspicious at her. She was glad at this little backup ability she had across the timelines she'd lived she had as she walked behind a tree with only pupil shown as it was now a bright cyan flame and she was gone. Not a trace.


Rubia found herself high in the air as she fell down as she lands on her feet as she looks around. She saw that she was in a pizzeria in a poor condition as she found herself in a security office with a huge hole in front of her and two open vents as she saw it was 11:59 PM. She only said to the readers "Guess I'm gonna get to rumble, so get to writing MegaManZero55, We've got a fight to fight." It was truly a battle yet to be made...

(Short story, I know. Anyway, Lilith belongs to Lostlocks. Rubia is mine. And this location is from you know what game.)
Lilith newest hair shaved victim (or is she?)
As I said Lilith is Lostlocks 

Rubia is my OC

Thanks to Lostlocks for allowing me to use his OC Lilith

DB Hair by MegaManZero55

Alright the combatants are set let's get ready for a Death Battle.

Db M by MegaManZero55


Cheryl's POV

Cheryl was at a Hair salon with her Pals. They all decided to treat themselves to an affordable price of $20.00 for a Hair Management Salon. When they were about to start a Noise and all too familiar voice screamed out "HELP!" Cheryl knew that voice "Cornelius!" Within a Second. she was off to find her husband.

She appeared in front of a Woman with red hair that she controlled via telepathically her name was Medusa. Cheryl ran in as she said "Stop." Medusa stood their as she got into a fighting pose.

Medusa POV

"Mutants? Well guess I gotta defeat you or my friends will be mad, I mean nobody can have hair like that normally, can they? Oh well guess I'll have to fight. I'm Sorry."

Death Battle  Fight   Template By Pokestreets-d9jo by MegaManZero55


Cheryl began with a rush towards Medusa as she quickly began to go in for the attack.

Medusa was in pain as She tried to hit Cheryl with her hair. Cheryl's hair turned into a fist as it hit her back. Medusa saw her pull out a hairspray can and a lighter. She lit it as she sighed it as it exploded hitting Medusa. She walked away, only for a hair tentacle to grab her hair.

Medusa's Hair wrapped around Cheryls as she was trapped in a Hair Grab as Medusa's Hair pulled Cheryl's Long Locks

Cheryl screamed in pain from the hair pull. She broke free from it with another explosion as Cheryl began to form into a sword as she slashed at Medusa. Medusa had jumped up to avoid death. However a hair fist changed that as she felt like a truck hit her. She saw Cheryl's Hair sword as it stabbed through her. Medusa was no more.

"You ok, Cornelius?" She asked as she looked at her husband concerned.

"Yeah I'll live..." He said "…she just came out of nowhere and going on about a mutant with hair powers and she seemed to think I was defending your identity when I was just saying your not a mutant."

"Let's just go." She said. "...Yeah let's go." He said as the two leave

Death Battle  K O By Strunton-da2uknu by MegaManZero55

(Cornelius are washing the blood out of Cheryl's hair in the tub.)

(Meanwhile, a bunch of Inhumans are having a funereal for their late queen, Medusa.)

Mega: Holy cow, Cheryl managed to pull it off

PortalMaster: She did, that Uncutable Magic hair of sure did the work.

Mega: Medusa may have the leg up on strength, durability, and experience, but other than that Cheryl had the better arsenal and hair powers.

PortalMaster: Cheryl was still open enough but even if she has the upper hand she felt horrible about hurting the poor inhuman.

Mega: But that's not all she had in upper hand in, she also understood where Medusa's hair was weak in.

PortalMaster: I say so, she uses hair just as much as she knows it!

Mega: Plus her larger amount of weapons overpowered Medusa.

Mr. Pants: Are you guys done talking about my wife now?

PortalMaster: Sorry.

Mega: The Winner is Cheryl.

Db C by MegaManZero55

+Hair is much more reliable than Medusa's.
+ Hair weapons > Hair tentacles
++ Hair Stylist expert could help her identify the weak areas of hair and overpower Medusa
= Very fit
- Not as much experience in combat
- Not as Fast
-Most likely weaker
- Less Durable
-Only Human

+ Stronger Physically
+ More Durable
= Very fit
-Hair isn't as reliable as  Cheryl's
-Hair Tentacles < Hair Weapons
-- Cheryl's Job as a Hair Stylist could help her identify the weak spots of Medusa's Hair, leading to her downfall

Death Battle: Hair is more than a fasion statment

This is my first battle so sorry that it's short.

I don't own anyone.

Medusa is Marvel

Cheryl is Ultimateportalmaster OC.

Link to Cheryl Pics. Please support these people.


"Let's Get Ready for a Death Battle!":


Meet Rubia (OC Profile and Refrence Sheet)

This is my OC, Rubia, she is a Neko Girl. She however want to fit in and live a decent life. Her main story can vary as their is no one true Rubia. So in RPs and Stories, things can happen that other things can't happen in other RPs and Stories.

Real Quick I'll explain what your looking at.

(From Left to Right)

1. Normal Neko Rubia

2. This is a Showoff of the Bikini Underneath the only clothes she owns and her tail. Her Tail can only be seen in back or side views of her. The Hairstyle isn't Mine either it came from….

3. This is just Rubia with her hidden ears and tail.

This is a slightly edited version of this Template:…

Basic Stats:

Secret ID: Rubia Heddobangingu
Nickname(s): Neko-Rapunzel, Kitty, Kitten.
Age: 16-19 years old. (Most commonly 16-17)
Species: Neko Girl
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japan but had American Blood
Current Residence: USA
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 94 lbs
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Ridicully Long
Skin Color: A Little Tans
Physical Description: Slim and Very Agile

General Personality: To many she is a Shy Girl who normally falls to her Cat-Like Instincts. She can cut loose on her instincts at home and at homes of/with people she trusts. She enjoys being a Cat Girl, but dislikes it when people treat her like a house pet, which is why she hides her ears by covering them with her hair and coils her tail to hide it. She's playful most of the time, but don't give her a ton of Sugar or she'll be on levels of hyper akin to Pinkie Pie (MLP FIM) or Izumi (TheKisekaePatriot) when she had her own Sugar Rush. She is also a Casual Gamer online, she love it on how people can't see her Neko Ears or Tail or her shortcomings to her instincts. She also dislikes Fame and Attention. She also adores Halloween and Video Game/Anime Conventions as she feels like she can cut loose like she does at home and be the Little Kitten She is and Loves to be, even if it makes her look like a Baka (Idiot).

Good Point: Cat-like Instincts
Bad Point: Cat-like Instincts

Likes: Her Hair, Hair salons, People she can relate to (Cat/Neko Girls, Long Haired Girls, Gamers, Cursed People, etc.), Being Free to live her life as she likes, Halloween.
Dislikes: Dogs, Being treated as a Cat, Guys that hit on her a lot.

Quirks: She falls to her instincts in some humourus ways
Hopes: She hopes to make some good friends that love her for who she is.
Fears: She dislikes water forced onto her for Obvious reasons, She Hate's Haircutters, & she finally fears people are going to judge her and treat her as a pathetic housepet if she is revealed.

Memorable Quote(s): "Meow." "Nya." "Purr."

Closest Friends: Nicole, Cheryl Pants, Cornelius Pants, Sans, Papyrus, WD Gaster, Sonic, Classic Sonic, Shantae, Rottytops, Bolo, Sky, Lice Princess.
Enemies: Risky Boots (Shantae), Creepypasta Villians, Villians from TV and Movies, Lice Princess.
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): Nicole


Magical Hair: Rubia's Hair can Grow/Shorten from 10 feet-70 feet. It can quickly regenerate if Cut or Eaten. It's also Unbreakable and slips through traps. It's even lighter than Real Hair, even when it's wet.
PROS: Useful for Swinging, Whiping, Headbanging, Suducing People with Hair Fetishes.
CONS: Not very effective in combat. Can get Tangled and/or Grabbed.

Teleportation: Can Teleport Rubia and an Object/Person they hold onto out of danger.
PROS: Is Very Quick and Useful for dodging.
CONS: Needs to have seen her destionation for long distance travel, photos and decriptions do not count though.

Blue Soul: She can Turn her soul and others souls Blue Weighing them down a little. However can manipulate Blue Soul Gravity as she and her friends can walk up walls or ceilings. It can also be used to thorw enemys around like Ragdolls. Also gives her Telkinesis.
PROS: Can be used to throw enemy's away and to Stop foes in their tracks.
CONS: Doesn't work on Gravity Manipulater that well. Doesn't do much DMG.

Weapon(s): Magical Hairbrush that can Brush out Tangles with ease, A Shampoo Bottle that can make Hair Longer, Softer, Silkyer, Thicker, and Stronger (For Rubia, it just makes it Silkyer, Softer, and Stronger.), A Short Blade She cuts her Hair With and can use in close quarter combat.
Style: They focus on their Hair as a Weapon.
Strengths: Is Fast enough to dodge attack.
Weaknesses: Can get distracted with cat like instincts like the fact that she doesn't like to get wet by force.

Rubia is very intersing girl. She has many different Histories that vari from timeline to time like Her History, so there's no one true history, but her powers, personality, and instincts usually stay the same. Not only her history, but her friends can as well like she can be friends with Shantae (Wayforward) in one Timeline and Friends with Cheryl Pants (UltimatePortalMaster) as an Accused Fugetive in another. They all share some aspects other than Personality, Appearance (Most of the Time), Abilities and Weapons/ Some timelines say that she was cursed by an evil genie and that said Genie Cursed her Hair and Made her a Neko-Girl, Others say she was born a Rapunzel Cat Girl, Some also say she was a cat turned female, to be honest, it all depends on the timeline.

(All Mentioned OC and Media Character's Belong to their respected owners and The Blue Soul concept was inspired by Toby Fox's Undertale)

Mrs. Pants:

Real name: Cheryl Fitzroy Maria Species: Human
Middle-age adult: Around 20-25
Occupation: Beautician, Loving wife, Strong and independent.
Affiliations: Family.

-Saved the town of Pinewood mountain many times with her husband.
-Wrestled a giant man eating Snackling with her hair
-Thought a evil witch to save her husband.


-Trains with her husband occasionally, doing cardio, exercises, and tai chi.
-Able to do cartwheels and backflips.

Strong Transforming Tresses:
-Approximately 20 feet of uncuttable stretchable hair that can transform into any tool she pleases, including appendages.
-Fireproof and liquid proof, Acid and fire can't burn through it.


Transforming hair:
-Heavier than stone, (Or light if she pleases.)
-Can cut through steel or even rock.

Hairspray grenade:
-Explodes leaving a pink powerful gas cloud.
-Smells amazing but deadly poisonous.
-Explosive, Being able to light it with fire creating a small explosion.

-Powerful magic storage facility the size of a small purse, and contain anything and everything.
-Able to construct itself into a little doll that can wield it's own weapons by spitting them out.

-Metal weakens her hair and makes it so she can't move it very fast or even at all, Metal chains truly weaken her and so do bracelets.
-Without her necklace she reverts back to a powerless human.
-Without Percy she doesn't carry around her weapons.
-Kind and sensitive, She won't ever start a fight unless truly provoked and she never once to truly hurt somebody to the point of death, only if there is no way they can calm down and turn back to normal.


No journal entries yet.


United States


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